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The DECA Difference

DECA Is About Moving From Awareness To Brand Action. DECA Improves Your Organisations Understanding Of The Commerical Value. Ensuring D.E.C.A Is Throughout All Media And Processes.

Impact Study Scope

This is achieved by conducting tangible diversity ROI impact studies, helping your organisation to realise the market opportunities
  • - Spend / ROI outcomes
  • - Creative
  • - Legacy
  • - Customer/Community Perception
  • - Organisation barriers


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We have partnered with Ebquity, a marketing media consultancy, who works with brands to scope the mainstream market alongside the diverse media landscape.

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We use Sentiments contextual tagging across articles to classify it’s sentiment, combining this with real-time engagement data to inform brand communications and effect behavioural change.

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We use System1 and their facial recognition across diverse communities to identify which emotional response is triggered by the brands creative output.



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We asked across our network: How soon are you planning to travel after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted?

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Black Media Finance Insights

This insight shows how Black Media Articles published over the period of the Black Lives Matter protests had positive Sentiment.

Case Studies