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DECA, part of the Brand Advance Group, was established by Christopher Kenna to provide brands with the ability to communicate with all communities in an authentic way, with cultural respect.

Helping brands to stand shoulder to shoulder with their customers, Diversity Media Consultancy, we leverage diversity media landscape, for the benefit of brands and the communities that they serve.


DECA is about moving from awareness to brand action. DECA improves your organisation’s understanding of the commercial value of diversity and ensures that DECA is applied throughout all of your media and business processes.

This is achieved by conducting tangible diversity ROI(return on investment) impact studies, helping your organisation to grasp the foremost market opportunity.


Christopher Kenna - CEO of The Brand Advance Group

The Brand Advance Group which started in 2018 by Christopher Kenna, and now includes services across 8 companies, 100+ Staff across 4 countries.

Vicki McGowan - Managing Partner

Vicki has been a practising solicitor for 8 years with a Masters Degree in International Conflict Resolution. She has worked in both the public and private sectors, supporting clients and solving complex problems and wide ranging litigation matters. She has considerable experience of advising companies both small and large on a range of business issues. She is currently serving as Managing Partner at DECA, responsible for supporting some of the organisation’s most strategic, global accounts.

... “I realised early on that I had a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in this role,”

Vicki joined DECA after studying Equality and Diversity with the University of Colorado. Her recent projects on diversity include studies related to anti-racism, diversity resistance, perceptions of inclusion, and accessibility and deafness, among others. Vicki works with clients to match the right solution to organisational strategic priorities and is particularly adept at designing tailored, strategic plans to solve the most pressing needs of DECA clients. Her solutions-oriented and client-centric approach have resulted in unique solutions that exceed client expectations and achieve results.

Vicki has delivered content and facilitated strategy discussions related to diversity, equity, and inclusion to businesses across the globe. Vicki produces informative and actionable insights intended to demystify the meaning of different unconscious biases and supply businesses with a practical toolkit of techniques reaching diverse audiences in an authentic way.

Vicki says her job is never boring. “The world is changing quickly, which makes the business case for diversity incredibly strong.”

She partners with clients to leverage diversity in order to increase inclusion and reduce the impact of unconscious bias - ultimately leading to improved bottom-line results.

Shane MacRory - Managing Partner

He brings over 30 years’ commercial experience in sales, marketing and management. This has been built up across many service sectors from retail, sales/promotions, financial services, Pay TV, third sector and utilities, in markets both home and abroad. He has a well developed world view having lived and worked in Australia, KSA and China.

...Shane has been a key player at DECA since its inception and has supported DECA's clients to make changes which increase reach and inclusion for all underrepresented communities. Shane has experience partnering with government agencies, organisations, academic institutions, businesses and communities seeking to advance and promote DEI values for the benefit and development of their brand and communities served, while helping them enhance their business practices and processes. He comes from mixed heritage and as a gay man feels passionately about the need for brands to reflect the people they want to attract as customers. Shane's previous life in business consulting and his lived experience enable him to bring his perspective with passion and determination to work for meaningful change. Shane prioritises relationship-building and service in order to design eff­ective strategies for integrating DEI principles into organisational practices while ensuring that each process is tailored to every clients’ unique brand, mission and goals.

Gerardo Jimenez Gnecco - Senior Project Manager/ Consultant

Gerardo is the Senior Project Manager and a Lead Consultant at DECA. Gerardo initially joined DECA and the Brand Advance family as a project manager - creating winning and powerful teams and strategies for companies like Nationwide, Adidas and GSK.

...“There are still some hurdles to delivering more diversity in project management, though things are moving in the right direction.”

Before joining DECA, Gerardo worked for VMLY&R, Mullen-Lowe and Mccann Erickson Commonwealth leading projects which helped brands like Lenovo, AB - Inbev and General Motors gain awareness and reach new audiences. He is now based in London, University of Liverpool graduate in Business Analytics and Big Data.

Gerardo is adept at identifying and proactively finding solutions that help streamline D&I into ways in which brands can reach a more diverse audience. He leads analysis to drive decisions and measure success of D&I projects, campaigns and ad spend.

“The benefits of diversity, as we can see, are underrated in the advertising industry. Diversity is often viewed as a social or moral quest, but it's actually a commercial imperative.”

Daniel Naitamu - Diversity Data Analyst

Daniel studied Economics at the University of Northampton and a master's degree in Economic Evaluation in Healthcare at City, University of London. Prior to joining DECA, Daniel worked as a data researcher in the healthcare industry.

...Daniel conducts research and analysis of data to find key insights using SENTIMENT to enable DECA clients to take action towards becoming more diverse. Throughout a number of business iterations, he worked on numerous high profile projects including Adidas and GSK.

“Growing up with and around people of different races, religions and sexual orientations, I have always recognised the importance of diversity - which is what DECA is all about.”

He has worked with clients and senior stakeholders to identify their needs, researching and analysing their internal data to develop tailored reports. The reports made the business case for diversity as well showcasing that these initiatives are the right thing to do for your brand/consumers. Daniel is passionate about promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

“Working at DECA is important to me because it allows me to make a meaningful difference through promoting diversity, equality, and cultural awareness.”



Identifying which demographics have been underrepresented in your brand’s creative content.

DECA will conduct an in-depth analysis of your brand’s creative content delivered over the last year, including an exploration of creative recommendations.
Helping brands to understand who they currently represent and what diverse communities think and feel about the brands creative. Key messaging by community and potential blind spots prevention. This analysis will also inform the baseline review.

Benefits of the report

• Maximise consumer loyalty and new business through inclusive content.
• Understanding of historic and current positioning within the market.


Ensuring there is diversity behind the camera as well as in front of it.

DECA consultants will undertake an assessment of the communications brief and creative process to highlight possible areas for improvement to make sure that diversity is the central focus.

Benefits of the report

• Empower teams to build on current positive processes.
• Remove processes and barriers that hinder inclusion.


Baseline overview including diversity perception overview, brand positioning analysis, brand diversity overview, consumer persona, diversity persona and media spend analysis.

DECA will provide a baseline overview of the project which includes key findings and figures from the Diversity Perception Overview report, brand positioning analysis, brand diversity overview, consumer persona, diversity persona and media spend analysis.

Benefits of the report

• Identify current status to monitor ongoing.
• Proof of concept.


Reducing tech/supplier related barriers to diversity in media campaigns.

Assess current tech/suppliers to reduce built in barriers to reaching diversity in media campaigns. Workshop discussion with agency/supplier partners to aid removal of barriers. Recommendations to ensure brand safety and maximum reach.

Benefits of the report

• Improve your diverse reach in media campaigns
• Improve your brand safety.


Knocking down the barriers to diversity within the organisation.

A report identifying barriers within the organisation which prevent diversity. This will be done by using information from surveys completed voluntarily and anonymously by employees at your company and partnering agencies. These surveys will give an insight into the perception of diversity, culture, team environment, media content and potential discrimination from within the company.

Benefits of the report

• Identify current barriers to diversity in your organisation
• Learn how to remove these barriers and ensure diversity throughout the organisation going forward.


Speak to one of our Consultants about how we can tailor a package to suit the needs of your organisation.

Keynote 1 hour platform discussion with Christopher Kenna on Diversity in media – Why it must happen.

Benefits of the report

Facts & benefits from using the service. quote from client.


Reviewing your current media spend and exploring the best investment opportunities.

Diversity Media Review – DECA consultants will review your current media spend and identify investment opportunities. Understand where you are currently spending and who you are reaching vs what you should be spending.

Benefits of the report

• Insights into who you’re reaching with your current media spend
• Recommendations of the best investment opportunities.


Why inclusion in media spend and representation must happen.

1 hour platform discussion with CEO of DECA, Christopher Kenna, on Diversity in media – Why inclusion in media spend and representation must happen?

Benefits of the report

• Inspire your team with a fresh perspective on diversity in media
• Learn why diversity media spend and diverse representation are are so important to your brand


An update of your blocklist to avoid reducing diversity reach or reinforcing prejudice.

Review of Blocklist to ensure it does not hinder diversity reach or reinforces prejudice. Audit words and categories to provide easy management. Detailed report which outlines the good, bad and ugly.

Benefits of the report

• Increase diversity reach
• Work towards removing stigmas and reducing discrimination.


A look at what is and isn’t being talked about in diverse media publications.

A report containing valuable insights from SENTIMENT, providing you with information on the perception of your brand and industry related topics, directly from the media publications serving the diverse demographics concerned.

Benefits of the report

• Find out what diverse communities like and what they don’t.
• Invaluable insights to guide your advertising strategy.


Where to place your money to see the greatest return.

Identification of media opportunities for your brand. An outline of the importance of these opportunities and recommend channels which brands can take advantage of maximise reach and inclusion. Creating matched channel framework highlighting audience reach and cultural moments by demo.

Benefits of the report

• Become more informed about the importance of diverse media channels.
• Proposed media opportunities for your company.


The Diversity ROI report gives a comprehensive overview into the value of each £ spent.

The purpose of this report is to reveal the diversity dividend for every pound spent in the media by an organisation. The collective chapters in this report showcase the economic, social and commercial benefit of investment into diverse media.

Benefits of the report

This report will enable organisations and their stakeholders to both understand and attach tangible ROI to their continued investment in diverse communities.


See how our services can enable brands to understand what diverse communities think, and how to best reach them.