Diversity in Britain – 2021 Census Countdown!

March 2021 will have the new census rolled out across the UK. 10 years on and the survey is set to capture new  details on our ever changing population. This time it seems that increased precision is a feature of the survey, with brand new questions and categories added. Social research and feedback from the public has led to the introduction of gender identity as a new category and the question on sexual orientation being further developed.

Population count and ethnicity make up is another one to watch, calculations of the last 2011 census recorded that 14% of the UK population are Non-British White. We wonder how the figures have changed in the last 10 years with contributions of net migration but also the factor of covid-related emigration?
It was recently reported by the Financial Times that a whopping 1.3 million foreign-born people are estimated to have left the UK in the last 12 months due to the covid crisis, with 700,000 leaving from London alone.

So what does that mean for the British economy? Sectors such as retail and hospitality have always been popular with immigrants, £130 billion in annual revenue comes from hospitality alone but since March 2020 these two industries were some of the first to go under. This effectively has left a massive hole in the economy and has resulted in many migrants leaving the UK as an outcome.

Regardless, it’s high time to encapsulate the new changes in culture, society and diversity as a whole. It’s been quite a decade but hopefully the new data will help guide us to where we imagine ourselves to be.

Roll on census 2021!

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