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  • Diversity in Britain – 2021 Census Countdown!
    March 2021 will have the new census rolled out across the UK. 10 years on and the survey is set to capture new  details on our ever changing population. This time it seems that increased precision is a feature of the survey, with brand new questions and categories added. Social research and feedback from the public has led to the introduction of gender identity as a new category and the question on sexual orientation being further developed. Population count and ethnicity make up is another one to watch, calculations of the last 2011 census recorded that 14% of the UK … Continue reading “Diversity in Britain – 2021 Census Countdown!”
  • The Impact of Social Conditioning on Recruitment
    By Sonia Srivastava, DECA Business Director Yesterday as I was scrolling through my LinkedIn and I saw a Guardian newspaper article from last year: “Minority ethnic Britons face ‘shocking’ job discrimination”.  My immediate thought was shocking for whom? Certainly not for me, who also intersects as a single parent to a half-Polish child, or to most minorities I know. The article went on to say that “applicants from minority ethnic backgrounds had to send 80% more applications to get a positive response from an employer than a white person of British origin”. So far, unsurprising. Nor was I shocked to read this has remained unchanged since a study … Continue reading “The Impact of Social Conditioning on Recruitment”
  • 5 Things We Are Leaving Behind in 2020: Diversity Edition
    By Eberé Anosike, Diversity Media Consultant @ DECA  Upon reflection of the last year here are 5 things we are leaving behind in 2020 in the area of diversity. If the last 365 days (2020) has taught us anything, it would probably  be that the nature of human beings is constantly being tested and going  through radical transformation in times of pressure, fear and upheaval. Social culture, values and beliefs systems have been widely challenged, reimagined and redirected.  This article is a reflection on 2020 from a diversity perspective featuring a list of topics which have reached a social decline … Continue reading “5 Things We Are Leaving Behind in 2020: Diversity Edition”

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